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Paragon Management Associates, Inc.
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Columbus, Ohio 43225

Paragon Management has been the leading strategic practice management firm in the nation for over twenty years.  We only work with dentists.  We focus on practice growth and profitability.  We will help double your net income in three years.

The difference with our approach is that we’ve designed it around our clients.  Here’s how it works:
1. The Excelleration Seminars with Ken Runkle.  The President of Paragon hosts quarterly doctor-only meetings in each of our major regions.  Don’t expect the usual; these one-day seminars demonstrate why we are the proven leader when it comes to profitability.
2. Paragon Academies.  Paragon has developed six academies to equip your staff with high-performance tools from the nation’s best practices.   You’re only twelve hours away from a more efficient office.
3. In-office Consultations.  Call us old-fashioned, but we started the company over 20 years ago with in-office consultations.  It worked then and it works now.  Your Paragon consultant will travel to your office on a regular basis to objectively assess your practice.
4. General Seminars.  Every year we invite some of the nation’s top dentists in to speak to our clients on their latest techniques and procedures.  Clinical excellence is a value we don’t back away from.
5. Local Study Clubs.  Paragon hosts 14 local study clubs around the nation.  You’ll have the opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the very talented doctors in your immediate area.
6. Practice Monitoring Systems.  Our consultants will help you put the appropriate monitoring systems in place so that every staff member will have their finger on the pulse of the practice.  Profitability is a team game.
7. The Success Network.  Did you know that one third of our clients have been with us for over ten years?  The Success Network was formed as a way to broaden our long-term client’s success.  This includes our scenic National and International Study Clubs as well as the Year-End Review.  We’ve found that great meetings in a memorable places ensure long lasting impact.

After achieving your short-term goals we will assist you in developing a long-term strategy for gaining financial independence within ten years from your start in THE PARAGON PROGRAM.

So imagine for a moment:
o Your net income has doubled
o Your practice is running with smooth precision
o You have peace of mind and quality of life
o Financial independence is within reach

That’s why hundreds of doctors have trusted Paragon for their practice management.

We believe your success should afford you the quality of life you’ve always desired.

  • Testimonial #048
    “The PI team made this transition stress free and silky smooth.  I have nothing but praise for PI.  Professional, Timely, Smooth, Stress Free, Beyond Satisfied!” Dr. O. Bruce Martin Granville, Ohio
  • Testimonial #072
    “As in any business transition, there were ups and downs, but all matters were handled professionally. Questions were answered quickly. Negotiations proceeded at a reasonable pace and the closing couldn’t have been easier with no surprises. The process was as stress-free as possible. I highly recommend Paul and his staff and Practice Impact if you [...]

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