Practice Impact serves members of the dental profession with practice valuations, practice sales/transitions, associate buy-ins, and consulting.

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Before the selection of your Appraiser, it is important to understand that anyone can set himself or herself out as a Dental Practice Appraiser. Any qualifications and professional designations acquired are entirely VOLUNTARY.

A license or approval from any licensing body is not required to make the claim that you are qualified to appraise a dental practice.

While a license is to act as a Broker is required in some states (but not Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Kentucky), this license does not necessarily mean that the individual is qualified to appraise. Please be advised that many individuals and companies claim to be appraisers. While this is legal, be certain to ascertain the individual’s credentials and experience first.

The value and worth of an Appraisal or Valuation is directly related to the Appraiser’s qualifications, thoroughness and accuracy of their work.

The key to an opinion of fair market value should be based upon knowledge of actual historical arms length sales for comparative analysis and the supportive rationale.


  • Education: Accreditation or Diploma in Business Administration or Accounting
  • No conflict of interest. Highly professional and ethical standards.
  • Member of the Practice Valuation Study Group (PVSG);
  • Possess historical records of practice sales and market comparisons;
  • Credibility as expert witness for court and legal disputes on values;
  • Experience with proven record within the appraisal field for professional practices;
  • Work devoted to the appraisal and valuation field.


  • To determine fair market value and to assist in determining an asking price, if required.
  • To provide qualified parties with the required financial and necessary legal information.
  • To obtain an accountant’s opinion.
  • To assist in obtaining bank financing – loans or leases.
  • To determine tax allocations and classifications of assets.
  • To prepare legal documents, offers, conditions, bill of sale, etc.
  • To permit registration and documentation of instruments for collateral for loans, leases and mortgages.
  • To assist the courts in legal disputes for awarding values.


  • Complete detailed description of the practice, type of treatment, patients, fees, systems and personnel.
  • Location of facility, plans, premise lease, options, renewals, restrictions and area demographics.
  • Practice and management company financial statements, expenses, analysis and cash flow.
  • Record of all assets, leasehold improvements, clinical equipment and administrative furniture, instruments and materials, liabilities and accounts receivables.
  • Details of all major assets, including approximate age, condition, manufacturer, model and serial number with market and replacement costs.
  • Goodwill calculations and market comparisons with supporting rationale.


Many hours are required to identify, document and value the various goodwill factors and to accurately record the details of all major assets.

The Appraisal of a professional practice is an extremely intricate process requiring specialized training and specific experience. Without this skill and knowledge, it would be very frustrating exercise, not to mention the likelihood of an inappropriate result.

Appraisal fees are 100% tax deductible; therefore, if you estimated your loss of income due to hours spent by yourself trying to obtain information and compared this to the after tax costs of having an Appraiser provide the report, you are much further ahead to engage a Professional Appraiser.

The Appraisal document is the foundation of factual presentation for numerous financial and legal issues. The Appraiser’s professional accreditations and standards, with absolutely no conflict of interest, will assure the client of quality work and complete confidentiality.

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    “The team at Practice Impact are exceptionally professional. They exhibit discretion, proactivity and timeliness. All go above and beyond to expedite the multiple requirements for a smooth transaction. While they represent the seller, they work with buyers that are serious and are willing to negotiate the finer points of the deal. This creates a process that is minimally stressful and moves all the requirements for the transaction forward in an efficient manner. I would highly recommend Practice Impact to my colleagues and potential buyers.”

    Dr. Eric Buck, Lewis Center, Ohio

    “I would recommend Practice Impact to close friends and colleagues. Practice Impact delivered superior service from the first meeting all the way to closing. Paul and his team were attentive to all my needs as well as being available, friendly and they made what can be a challenging experience feel as though you’re guided with experts holding your hand.”

    Dr. Mary Ellen Wynn, Cincinnati, Ohio

    “I sold my practice using Practice Impact. From the beginning interview to the closing, they were always available and responsive to my many needs. Paul Hudanick was incredible. He was in constant contact and ended up finding me a buyer who is really liked by the staff and my patients. It’s these small things to me that showed Mollie cared about keeping the sale of the practice as stress free as possible. I was truly impressed with her attention to detail. I highly recommend Practice Impact for the sale of your practice. You will find them kind, compassionate, thorough, and stress free.”

    Dr. Scott Gray, Englewood, Ohio

    “As a returning client of PI, I knew how my experience would be – AMAZING! PI is a well-organized group that truly has the Buyer & Seller’s best interest at the heart of their operation. Not only was my previous and recent transition stress-free, it was actually very enjoyable. Paul & Mollie were attentive to all of my needs to get the deal done. They are professional, experienced, and personal. I highly recommend PI to any dentist looking to transition into or out of their practice. Thank you, Paul and Mollie. You have helped shape my future.”

    Dr. Joe Papp, Sunbury, Ohio