Practice Impact serves members of the dental profession with practice valuations, practice sales/transitions, associate buy-ins, and consulting.

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Sales, Purchases, Associate Buy-Ins

Practice Impact is dedicated to successful practice transitions. We have solid experience, skill and knowledge in sales/purchases, buy-in/buy-outs, partnership formations and are seasoned professionals in all aspects of the process. We represent sellers and buyers throughout the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.

The Selling Doctor…

With Practice Impact, you will be assured of a comprehensive and confidential service when listing your practice for sale, buy-in or partnership. Our marketing is first-rate and with our effort, your practice will receive the respect it so richly deserves. You will be afforded competent and personal attention. We will search for a buyer suited to your particular practice, as our goal in every transaction is “Equitable.” It is our responsibility to secure the offer to purchase from the buyer on your behalf. The Practice Impact team possesses powerful negotiation expertise, and we will achieve terms of sale that are fair to both the seller and the buyer. In addition, our services are performed with no disruption to your office or routine while maintaining your confidentiality. We do it all…from beginning to end.

The Buying Doctor…

With Practice Impact, you will be assured of honest and candid assistance with your purchase. Buying an established practice saves time and energy demanded by a start-up, and an existing practice has a patient base! The goodwill offered by the selling doctor is invaluable. Practice Impact has choice practices for sale and we do not over-value our practices-our appraisals are fair and accurate. We are pleased to announce that we have access to 100% practice financing! An expert and customized bank finance package will be prepared by Practice Impact on your behalf and submitted to specialized lenders. Because we are respected for our ability to appraise accurately and negotiate fairly, the lenders are more likely to fund our transactions with favorable terms and conditions. There is never a fee to the buyer when purchasing a practice through Practice Impact.


All information obtained by Practice Impact on behalf of our client is held in the strictest confidence. We will also work discretely to ensure on-going confidentiality throughout the process; you will be contacted by us at your home, not your office.

No Dual Representation…

Practice Impact will not represent both the selling and purchasing parties in the same transaction. At some point, in even the best of business arrangements, sellers and buyers do not have mutual interests. Ask your attorney about “dual agency” and “conflict of interest.”

The Next Steps…

We encourage you to check out our current listings to the process.

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“A major life change requires a consummate team of professionals. Paul and Mollie are superlative in bringing the entire process together from start to finish. We would strongly recommend their services to anyone welling their practice. Thank you again for your promptness, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge of the business of dentistry.”

Drs. Jeff and Jean Weintrub, Hamilton, Ohio

“This was another great experience with Practice Impact. It was my 2nd purchase with them and the deal was clean and neat. All of the details were considered and the timeline was efficient. Paul and Mollie are honest, knowledgeable, and committed to being fair and getting the job done right. I am ready for the next deal with them!”

Dr. Jonathan Klineman, Solon, Ohio

”My experience with Practice Impact could not be termed anything but excellent. I could not give them a higher recommendation and would recommend them to anyone considering a practice transition.”

Dr. Jeffrey Rhees, Oakwood, Ohio

"PI was great! I found them to be professional, timely, and patiently supportive during the process. They have a complete system to facilitate a dental practice transition. Thanks Paul and Mollie. #RETIRED"

Dr. Barry Ross Cincinnati, Ohio