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Although it is unpleasant to think about, you need to be proactive and put a plan in place in the event of your death or disability. Hopefully, you will have sold your practice and retired long before either of these occur, but you owe it to yourself, your family, staff, and patients to have a plan in place just in case.

Where to start?

A Letter of Direction that is on the file of the attorney and Practice Impact is one of the first steps. The document will allow your family to immediately hire Practice Impact to sell your practice in the event of your death or severe disability. Your family will not have to wait for an executor to be appointed for your estate before starting the process which will save valuable time as well as the effort of locating, interviewing and hiring a broker. For more information on the Letter of Direction and this process, please contact Paul Hudanick or Mollie Holleran at our office or fill out the Letter of Direction on our Online Forms page.

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“I could not be more pleased with my experience in using Practice Impact to sell my practice. They were professional in all phases of the process and their attention to detail allowed the closing to proceed smoothly. I would highly recommend using them for the sale of your practice.”

Dr. Steven Sierschula, Kettering, Ohio

“This was another great experience with Practice Impact. It was my 2nd purchase with them and the deal was clean and neat. All of the details were considered and the timeline was efficient. Paul and Mollie are honest, knowledgeable, and committed to being fair and getting the job done right. I am ready for the next deal with them!”

Dr. Jonathan Klineman, Solon, Ohio

”My experience with Practice Impact could not be termed anything but excellent. I could not give them a higher recommendation and would recommend them to anyone considering a practice transition.”

Dr. Jeffrey Rhees, Oakwood, Ohio

"PI was great! I found them to be professional, timely, and patiently supportive during the process. They have a complete system to facilitate a dental practice transition. Thanks Paul and Mollie. #RETIRED"

Dr. Barry Ross Cincinnati, Ohio